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Testimonials from Dr. Luis Heer patients

Green bullet L.H.
Grey bullet Recently I underwent a surgery that has helped to change my life a considerable amount. Before I had this surgery I was uncomfortable about the esthetics of my genitalia. I had always felt inhibited when I was involved in a relationship and my sexuality was suppressed for as long as I can remember. I wasn't completely proud of my body and felt different from other women.

When I discovered IARVAL I felt as though a miracle had occurred, and the most sensitive subject in my life was suddenly brought into the open by a wonderful doctor who listened and understood my insecurity. I immediately trusted Dr. Heer and felt safe discussing the changes I wanted to occur in regards to the surgery. He was very calm which helped relieve my anxiety and presented himself in the most intelligent and professional manner. He was thorough in explaining the procedure and brought clarity to my fear.

I decided to have the operation and it has been a wonderful success that I cannot describe in words. The healing only took 4 weeks and I visited Dr. Heer regularly every 2 weeks for 8 sessions. I have no scarring and there has been no danger to my health since the surgery. The visual appearance of before and after is amazing and has been brought solace and acceptance to my life as well as my mind, body, and spirit.

Dr. Heer is a genius who is precise and a perfectionist at what he does. This is cosmetic art as I perceive it and requires extreme and talent and intelligence. I recommend this surgery to woman who feel different in their insecurity and are afraid that no one will understand or be able to assist you in this area. Dr. Heer is compassionate and will help lift your feelings of turmoil. This surgery is a "miracle of cosmetic artistry" brought "out of the closet" because I'm sure a great deal of woman suffer from this and their fear withholds them from expressing their deepest secret.

Green bullet L.P.
Grey bullet Approximately a year ago I underwent surgery for labial reduction. I was nervous before my operation, but the friendly staff made me feel very comfortable. I'm very happy to say my results are even better than expected. The work was obviously done with care. My healing process went smoothly and there are no visible marks from the surgery. I feel confident now that I am pleased with my appearance and enjoy sex much more now that there is no embarrassment.

I must also say that I have lost no sense of feeling whatsoever and I would recommend this procedure to anyone who has been considering it. I would recommend going with Dr. Heer's office since Dr. Heer is the pioneer of the procedure and takes great pride in his work. Who better to handle the situation than the gynecologist.

Green bullet D.G.
Grey bullet In retrospect, when I ask myself whether or not I would do this procedure again, I would answer YES, without hesitation.

Since I felt plagued by the size of my labia ever since I was a little girl, I knew that this procedure had nothing to do with my vanity, but constant discomfort.

I am aware that any surgical procedure can bear risks and complications, and even though this field of plastic surgery is still very young and in process of development, I chose Dr. Heer for his confidence and experience. I made the right choice.

Not only did he perform my surgery with precision and excellence, he gave me a sense of care about how I felt about myself.

I herewith want to take the opportunity to thank the entire team and Dr. Heer for their outstanding care and service! I am satisfied!

Green bullet Anonymous
Grey bullet Being a patient of Dr. Heer since the age of 28 years old, I felt very comfortable discussing this problem with him. I had given birth to a 10lb 5oz baby boy at the age of thirty. I realized that after giving birth to such a large child that things seemed different.

I discussed the problem with coughing, laughing, or the slightest bit of physical activity. He informed me that I was suffering from Stress Urinary Incontinence, be it with age or giving birth, some amount of stretching had taken place.

Another problem had surfaced also, I did not feel the same sensation while having sexual intercourse. Things had changed dramatically for me. Trying to reach climax was all but impossible. I felt very uncomfortable having sex. It began to have a negative affect on me mentally, not to mention physically.

Dr. Heer explained the procedure to me in great detail, and I felt very comfortable, he let me know what to expect from he start to the very end. And what to expect during the recovery time.

On the day of surgery everything went great from the time I walked in, and was greeted by his staff, to the time I left for home. Feeling a little uncomfortable, but not in any pain. Packing is placed inside, but it is not unbearable. Pain medication is given to ease any pain. the next day after surgery I went back to the facility to have the packing removed, which gave immediate relief.

After the 6 weeks of healing took place I felt as good as new, having this procedure was the best decision I had made regarding my health. I felt confident and vibrant again. And my love life was back on track. Having no problem reaching sexual gratification. Even my husband noticed the difference and was very pleased. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who is suffering from this discomfort, and who best to hand the problem than a Gynecologist.

It gave me a whole new outlook on things, it was a motivational experience that took place. I soon lost unwanted weight, cut my hair, and made more personal improvements physically since then. It was just what I needed to get things going again.

I am now 35 years old and planning to have another child next year, and if the same situation arises from this child, I will not hesitate to have this procedure performed again with Dr. Heer.

I realize that this is a sensitive topic, but it is one that many women suffer from. I thank God for Dr. Heer and his professionalism in dealing with this sometimes uncomfortable yet necessary topic. He is truly a women's doctor.